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Quadnet – India’s Largest Online Poker Network

The online poker industry is advancing at a lightning-fast pace and brimming with lucrative opportunities. Today, those who can acquire a space in the online poker network are taking their share of humongous profits. 

It is true that an online poker business can successfully sustain its place in the market as a growing number of people are interested in this game of luck. To become a successful name in the poker industry, it is essential to create a staunch online poker network, and Quadnet has been able to do it pretty impressively. 

What Is Quadnet?

When it comes to talking about India's extensive poker network, we cannot miss out on the Quadnet. The biggest online poker network of Quadnet makes it one of the leaders in the Indian poker industry. 

The major aim of Quadnet is to create premium quality poker experience for players and take the Indian poker market to a global level. For this, Quadnet has been working hard and developing a world-class poker platform, software services and technologies that are here to rule. 

Down The Memory Lane

The company started its journey with Spartan Poker, a B2C poker room that is currently the most successful poker platform in the country. 

CEO Amin Rozani developed this cryptographically secure poker platform that brought land-based poker to life and kindled the excitement in poker enthusiasts. 

Gradually, Quadnet started providing White Label services for online poker rooms. Additionally, the company offers end to end solutions to the online poker business for different processes. 

Over the years, Quadnet has conquered many milestones that have enabled it to nurture a gigantic online poker network. There are a bunch of awards and acclamations that have come their way and further strengthened their credibility. 

How The Quadnet Thrived During Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled Indians to stay home and reduce the growing number of cases. Owing to the lockdown and boredom, the popularity of online games sky-rocketed, especially poker. 

The World Economic Forum stated that the lockdown in India boosted the engagement of esports and video games. The growing popularity of the online poker ecosystem paved the way for Quadnet to flourish. 

The company is known for creating a poker ecosystem for businesses and setting up online poker solutions. During the pandemic, Quadnet offered end-to-end poker solutions to the online poker business and poker room. 

Whether it is player support, access to amazing poker tournaments or transaction management, Quadnet takes over complete White Label solutions. 

What The Future Awaits For Quadnet?

By FY2021, the online poker business is expected to grow 250%. There are plenty of Indian gaming portals that are on the lookout for a platform that can enrich their growth. 

Quadnet Poker Network can cater to this growing demand with its wide range of poker solutions. The company has thoroughly analysed the barriers in growth and found the right path to help people start a business. 

CEO Rozani says that Quadnet Poker Network is working towards creating an Indian online poker ecosystem that boasts a technologically efficient poker platform with a world-class gaming experience. 

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