A poker tournament is a format of the game where every player is allotted an equal number of chips to begin with and the game continues until a single player has accumulated all the chips. An online poker tournament is challenging but equally rewarding, allowing a player to considerably increase and build their bankroll.

Every tournament has a particular Buy-in and an additional fee, the Buy-in is collected and put into the guaranteed prize pool of the tournament, whereas the fee is collected by us. The total size of the prize pool or the guaranteed amount varies according to the number of players participating in the tournament and the entire amount is distributed entirely among the winners.

To begin an online poker tournament, each player on the table is dealt a card, the player with the highest card combination begins the game as the Dealer. The main objective of a player is to accumulate as many chips as possible from other players. The player to lose all of his chips exits the game.

Type of Poker Tournaments

We provide a variety of online poker tournaments:


Scheduled poker tournaments have a fixed time of beginning and are always announced well in advance, so players are aware of it. To take part in a scheduled online poker tournament, a player is required to register for it. The closing time for the registration is also mentioned in the tournament details and displayed in the lobby and usually ends a few minutes before the tournament begins.

Numerous types of tournaments can be considered to be Scheduled tournaments, such as: Regular Buy-in tournaments, Freeroll tournaments, Guaranteed tournaments, etc.


A poker tournament with a guaranteed prize pool is known as a Guaranteed Tournament. In such tournaments, the winning sum is fixed and does not vary according to the number of players participating. However, to begin the tournament, a minimum number of required players are necessary.


As the name suggests, a Freeroll Poker Tournament means that a player's participation is free and the guaranteed prize pool is borne by us. Freeroll Tournaments are a great way to build a player's tournament game and strategy and is also used to help players build their bankroll without having to invest any money.

Sit and Go

A Sit and Go tournament is available throughout the day. The tournament begins as soon as the required number of players needed for the tournament have registered. For a Sit and Go tournament, the standard tournaments rules apply, in addition to any specified rule for that particular tournament.


For a player to take part in a tournament, they are required to pay an initial amount before the start of the tournament that consists of a Buy-in and Fee.

Note: QuadNet reserves the right to amend or cancel any tournament without giving any prior notice.

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