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What Poker Software To Choose: A White Label Or A Turnkey?

Whenever you are planning to start operating a poker platform online, one of the initial thoughts is to choose the best solution for your poler business.

Indeed, there are many poker software solutions available in the market, but how do you make sure it will work best for your initiative?

That’s why we are here to clear the clutter for you. We have elucidated the pros and cons of two of the most preferred approaches that will help you in making a well-informed decision.

Which Are The Available Online Poker Solutions?

There are two strategies to dive into the gambling world: poker white label solution or customized turnkey solution. Choosing any of the solutions depends on a variety of factors.

Let’s delve deep into each of these solutions and know them better.

Poker White Label Solutions

In a poker white label solution, you will be given a ready-to-use poker platform that is created by a vendor. The platform will be tested and verified from every perspective to make it ideal for your customers. Quadnet ( is one of the leading poker white label solution providers that you can consider anytime.


  • Reduced time and effort incurred on developing a software
  • Increased brand value, particularly helpful for a startup.
  • Already tested and verified platform that performs up to the mark.
  • Added bonus of tournaments, promotions, bonuses and whatnot.


  • No complete ownership, as you are only renting the project from the owner.

Things To Remember:

  • Appropriate Game Integration: According to your demographic, you should integrate the right games.
  • Management of Project: Divide the rights and duties that will give your staff access to the management system.
  • Bonus System: Your poker platform must have a great bonus system that will attract customers.
  • Payment System: You can choose between the provider-based payment or any other third party solution.

Turnkey Solutions

If you ask the most popular approach for starting an online poker business, it would be definitely turnkey solutions. With turnkey solutions, you can get your poker platform developed from scratch according to your demands. Hence, it hands you over autonomous independence and ownership of your software.


  • Ideal to launch an exclusive website/application.
  • You are responsible for package, payment, design customization, etc.
  • Full ownership of the product.


  • A bit risky in terms of the results.

Things To Remember:

  • Software Package: There are different software package available. It depends on you whether you need a networked, loyalty free, rented or standalone package.
  • Design Customization: It is up to you to decide how your software design will come out. You can communicate your ideas to the team.
  • Payment System: It is important to integrate a payment system into the software.
  • License: Don’t forget to get your software licensed before launching it in order to ensure its credibility.

So, now that you are aware of the basic details of both poker white label solution and turnkey approach, it’s your cue to make a decision regarding your online poker business!

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